Danet Watson knows what it means to survive.  

For years, she was the victim of domestic violence. After finding herself abused, broken, and lost, Watson fell head first into a downward spiral, silenced by shame and mental anguish. As her insecurities compounded, she became imprisoned by physical suffering and verbal torment. In an effort to mask her damaged spirit, Danet adopted detrimental eating habits that would sentence her to a life of poor health. In the search to repair both her body and soul, she discovered the Total Life Changes product line and experienced a transformative breakthrough. Coupled with deliberate determination, Danet challenged her behaviors and embraced a lifestyle centered on wellness.  In addition to rapid weight loss, her personal journey encouraged her to seek out strategies that would improve her emotional well-being. The end result was a rediscovered physique and zeal for life that she wants to encourage others to find.

She has now made it her life’s mission to assist you in achieving tremendous, long-lasting success. Her ardent desire is to motivate others to change their lives, and reach optimized personal and spiritual health. Her own ability to emerge from the darkness of her past will inspire you to Trim Your Life & Reveal Your True Self!

With One-On-One Coaching, Danet will unlock your motivation by developing a customized health plan catered to your body and specific weight loss goals. Her unique approach recognizes that developing nutritional, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance is essential to living a truly maximized life. Providing you with an individualized plan of sound eating and lifestyle routines will ignite your metabolism and redirect your spirit, producing dramatic change.

As an inspirational speaker, Danet’s charismatic flare will foster renewed hope in the lives of individuals who’ve lost it and are unsure of how to get it back. She is available and eager to inspire both small and large audiences towards new paths of wholeness!

Danet Watson is committed to helping you find your power to choose. Her own personal experience and expertise will guide you in making the decision to lose weight in a healthy way, once and for all. Let Danet help you make the choice to live the life of your dreams! Contact her to begin your personalized weight loss and total transformation journey today!

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